Monday, May 19, 2014

Nature's Nutrient: Vitamin K

Vitamin K is absolutely essential in the complicated 12 step process of blood clotting. It is necessary in 4 of the steps.

Vitamin K is fat soluable.

Vitamin K is essential in bone health because Vitmin K activates a protein called osteocalcin which works in the mineralization of bone.
It is believed to work in partnership with Vitamin D so if one is in deficiency, neither of than can properly function.

Vitamin K1 – phylloquinone, naturally found in plants (particular green veggies) and goes to your liver which directly promotes the process of blood clotting.

Vitamin K2 – menaquinone, created from bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract which directly effects your tissues, blood vessels and bones.

1.      Vitamin K2 precents calcification (hardening) of other arteries which prevents cardiovascular and other heart related diseases.
2.     Vitamin K2 is necessary in the improvement of bone density, reversing bone loss and raising osteocalcin levels. Because of this, proper intake of Vitamin K can prevent Osteoporosis.
3.      Vitamin K has antioxidant properties and studies have shown that Vitamin K staves off the risk of cancer development in an individual.
4.      Vitamin K2 also improves insulin sensitivity which helps in the prevention of type diabetes.

Vitamin K3 – menadione, is synthetic and should be avoided unless otherwise instructed by a licensed physician.

Happy eating!

P.S. Here's a link to a chart of foods high in Vitamin K -


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